Our Team


Rudolph Krediet

Joe Massoud

Managing Director, Member - Investment Committee

Ihab “Joe” Massoud joined Anholt Services (USA), Inc. at its inception in 2013. Prior to this, Mr. Massoud was the founder and Managing Partner of the investment management firm, Compass Group Management, LLC, the primary investment advisor for the Kattegat Trust. Mr. Massoud was also the Chief Executive Officer of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI), as a well as a member of CODI’s board of directors. Previously, Mr. Massoud was with retail heating oil distributor, Petroleum Heat and Power; investment advisor, Colony Capital; and global consulting firm, McKinsey & Co. Mr. Massoud is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College and the Harvard Business School. Mr. Massoud currently serves on the boards of the Robert Day School at Claremont McKenna College, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southwestern Connecticut, Families Network of Western Connecticut and the Elizabeth and Joseph Massoud Family Foundation. Mr. Massoud is responsible for the day to day management of Anholt Services (USA), Inc.
Rudolph Krediet

Rudolph Krediet


Rudolph Krediet joined Anholt Services (USA), Inc. in 2013. Prior to this, Mr. Krediet worked with Joe Massoud at Compass Group Management. Mr. Krediet has also been with global agribusiness, CPM Roskamp Champion. Mr. Krediet is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the Darden Graduate School of Business (University of Virginia). Mr. Krediet manages Anholt’s agricultural platform, Southern Harvest Partners, LP, as well a number of its other investment vehicles.
Rudolph Krediet

Robert Decosimo

Vice President

Robert Decosimo joined Anholt Services (USA), Inc. in 2013. Prior to Anholt, Mr. Decosimo worked at Observer Capital, LLC, where he evaluated, executed and monitored private equity investments with a focus on the media industry. Mr. Decosimo also previously worked as an Associate at JPMorgan Securities in the leveraged finance group. Mr. Decosimo is a graduate of Washington & Lee University and New York University’s Stern School of Business.
Rudolph Krediet

Thomas Hsu

Chief Strategy Officer

Thomas is our Chief Strategy Officer. He has served as a Teekay director since 1993 and is presently a director of CNC Industries, an affiliate of the Expedo Group of Companies that manages a fleet of six vessels of 70,000 dwt. Mr. Hsu has been a Committee Director of the Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited since 1988. Mr. Hsu is a graduate of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Rudolph Krediet

Sean Day


Mr. Day is our chairman and is the president of Seagin International.  Previously, Mr. Day was with Navios Corporation and Citicorp Venture Capital. Mr. Day is currently the chairman of the boards of directors of Teekay Shipping Corporation; Teekay Offshore GP LLC, the general partner of Teekay Offshore Partners LP; Teekay GP LLC, the general partner of Teekay LNG Partners LP; Compass Diversified Holdings; and a member of the board of directors of Kirby Corporation, all NYSE listed companies. Mr. Day is a graduate of the University of Capetown and Oxford University.
Rudolph Krediet

Peter Antturi

Member – Investment Committee

Mr. Antturi is the President of Anglemont Financial Services Ltd. in Vancouver, Canada. Previously, he was CFO of Teekay Corporation and President of Teekay Norway AS. Mr. Antturi is a Director of Kattegat Limited and has been employed by companies within the Kattegat group since 1991. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. Peter Antturi can be reached at peter@anglemontfinancial.com
Rudolph Krediet

Tomasz Nadrowski

Portfolio Manager

Tomasz Nadrowski joined Anholt Services (USA) in 2014 as a Portfolio Manager, focused on building a mining stock portfolio for Anholt’s new PB13 Resources platform. Prior to this, he was a Commodity Strategist at Nucap Ltd., an advisor to Doyen Capital in London. Previously, he was a Portfolio Manager of De Gouden Eeuw, a long/short gold fund domiciled in The Netherlands, and Chief Commodity Analyst at Round Table Investment Management, a multi-strategy hedge fund. Mr. Nadrowski also spent 7 years at AngloGold and has been a Director of the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. Fluent in 7 languages and a CFA Charterholder, Mr Nadrowski holds an MPA from the School of Economics and Social Sciences and an MA in Japanese studies from the University of Geneva. Tomasz Nadrowski can be reached at tomasz@anholtusa.com
Rudolph Krediet

Ignacio Berenbau

Ignacio Berenbau began working with Anholt in 2009 as a manager of Southern Harvest’s land portfolio. Mr. Berenbau is graduated from the Universidad de Montevideo in 2000. Mr. Berenbau is also the Founder and Director of AgroSocio Agribusiness and Trading Company based in Uruguay. Ignacio has been the responsible for creating and developing the International Trade division were products such as Beef, Rice, Dairy and Soybean are exported from South America to different markets.
Rudolph Krediet

Joaquin Berenbau

Joaquin Berenbau began working with Anholt in 2009 as a manager of Southern Harvest’s land portfolio. Mr. Berenbau graduated from Universidad Catolica del Uruguay in 2000. He is also the Founder and Director of AgroSocio Agribusiness and Trading Company. Joaquin has developed the Farm Purchase and Management division in both Uruguay and Paraguay. Joaquin is an Agribusiness expert with experience in deferent areas such as Agriculture and Cattle. In 2010 he developed the Live Stock Export (Cattle) operation out of Uruguay, exporting an average of 6000 heads annually to China.
Rudolph Krediet

Martin Scasso

Martin Scasso began working with Anholt in 2009 as a manager of Southern Harvest’s land portfolio. Mr. Scasso is an Agronomist graduated from the Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay in 2000. Founder and Director of AgroSocio, Martin has conducted the Farm Management division, also being responsible for the technical – agriculture management of all farms under management. Martin is an expert in Agriculture, Cattle and Timber production with world wide experience with special focus in the Mercosur area.
Rudolph Krediet

Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy began working with Anholt in 2013 as a manager of Southern Harvest’s land portfolio. Previously, Mr. McCarthy was a founding partner of Agro-Terra Ireland which established the land owning company Fondomonte Argentina, which was subsequently sold to Almarai, a Saudi company. Jim is a first generation farmer who also received the first Nuffield Farming Scholarship granted in the Republic of Ireland. His expertise is large scale production agriculture and he has worked as a consultant to numerous investment funds in Australia, Russia/Ukraine, Eastern Europe, South America and East Africa.